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Wellness Spa

  • Rituals, Wellness and Spa circuits.
  • Corporate Spa.
  • Relaxation.
  • Sports Massage and Physical Activity.
  • Functional Recovery and Pain Management.
  • Therapeutic Aesthetics.
  • Consulting and International Speaker.

Relaxation Therapy

60 minutes

Deep tissue massage maneuvers (Deep Tissue Massage) to achieve physical and psychosomatic relaxation, perfect for recovery in daily activity and stress reduction.

Root Reflexology

40 minutes

It works as a stimulation reflex from key points on the feet and towards the rest of the body, balancing the functioning of your systems and balancing your body in general.

Colombian Coffee Ritual

120 minutes

Revitalize your skin and take advantage of the circulatory properties provided by the best coffee in the world, starting with the ritual of aromatic bags of Colombian coffee, moistened with warm oil and aroma of the coffee cultural landscape.


  • Exfoliation, mask and coffee cocktail.
  • Massage with aromatic coffee pindas.
  • Lomi massage, Lomi.

Passion Fruit Ritual

100 minutes

It’s time to calm down and relax with our Passion Fruit ritual, which, with the properties of passifloras, generates an anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effect in massages such as Lomi Lomi and the hot stone ritual.


  • Hot stone massage.
  • Deep relaxation therapy.
  • Exfoliation, mask and infusion, or passion fruit cocktail.


100 minutes

Enjoy the relaxing and invigorating effect that chocolate offers. In addition to giving you circulatory strengthening, raising self-esteem due to its delicious aroma and release of endorphins, accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction.


  • Circulatory and deep tissue massage.
  • Exfoliation, mask and a chocolate delight.

Reeds & Bamboo Ritual

100 minutes

Enjoy the aroma of nature, while you receive a muscular and circulatory massage. We have bamboo canes and wands to perform a body treatment with which you will relax.


  • Relaxing technique with bamboo oil.
  • Exfoliation and bamboo mask.
  • Massage with reeds or bamboo.
  • Mango Ceviche.

Traditional massage Thai

75 minutes

The ideal complementary option to physical activity, thanks to the flow of vitality through Zen lines and deep muscle stretching.


40 minutes

Relax intensely and recover your tissues with our neurosedative technique!

Discover the benefits of directed movements in stretching and muscle and nerve recovery.

Ritual del Fruto de la vida

100 minutes

Enjoy the antioxidant and cardiovascular strengthening properties offered by the grape, with its delicious flavor and aroma, it is one of the favorite products for spa rituals.


  • Circulatory and deep tissue massage.
  • Exfoliation, mask and glass of red wine.

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Training for people interested in training and updating in wellness with intensified and/or personalized classes, ideal for residents outside the country and interested in migrating.

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