Anttury Quiroterapeuta

Gustavo Anttury is an international speaker. His specialization in wellness allows him to offer an expert, close and harmonious accompaniment to respond professionally and empathetically to each of our client’s needs.

Learn with Anttury

With the growth and constant innovation of the wellness industry, it is decisive to train in a comprehensive, updated, and assertive way. In the dosage of manual therapies, with hydrotherapy and complementary therapies, seeking prevention and holistic health care. 

Anttury’s academic promise relies on developing critical concepts in manual therapy maneuvers based on morphophysiological bases with sports, therapeutic and aesthetic adequacy aimed at functional recovery.


With the constant growth of the wellness industry, it has been increasingly important to have adequate training in the dosing of manual therapies in an assertive manner, coupled with hydrotherapy options and the diversity of complementary therapies in search of promotion and prevention holistic health.

ABC Chiromassage


  • Fundamentals Osteo Artro Muscular System.
  • Maneuvers in Limbs.
  • Maneuvers in Back, Tóxar, Abdomen.
  • Applicability of Mobilizations.
  • Applicability of Stretches.
  • Therapeutic, Sports and Integral Aesthetic Utility.

24 hours – Ideal
9 hours – Compact

Deep Tissue spa


  • Spa Moments + Wellness Concept.
  • Cervicocranial technique.
  • Deep and psychosomatic relaxation.
  • Wet areas and Hydro Wellness.
  • Circulatory exfoliating technique.
    Spa Rituals.
  • Integral well-being and quality of life.

24 hours – Ideal
9 hours – Compact

Integral Body Remodeler


  • Fundamentals of Morphophysiology and Histology.
  • Overweight – Obesity – PEFE.
  • Assertive Valuation.
  • Detoxification and Adjuvants.
  • Specific treatment maneuvers.
  • Modeler, Anticel and toning.
  • Stretching Shaper.
  • Other techniques.
  • Boosting.


6 hours – Ideal
9 hours – Compact

General objectives

Provide critical concepts in the assessment and dosage of manual therapy maneuvers based on morphophysiological bases with Therapeutic, sports and Aesthetic applicability aimed at functional Recovery.

Anttury Training

Post Cosmetic Surgery


  • Fundamentals of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Cosmetic surgeries.
  • Preoperative techniques.
  • DLM Mixed Techniques.
  • Vein massage technique.
  • Mediate postoperative.
  • Late postoperative.
  • Associated electrostatics.

16 hours – Ideal
9 hours – Compact

Thai massage


  • Osteo Artro Muscular system fundamentals.
  • Breathing technique.
  • Therapist Preparation.
  • Specific movements Zen lines.
  • Technique in prone position.
  • Technique in supine position.
  • Sitting technique.
  • Therapist applicability.
  • Sports Applicability.

16 hours – Ideal
9 hours – Compact

Neurosedative technique in water - Watsu


  • Fundamentals of the Osteo Artro Muscular system.
  • Fundamentals of the nervous system.
  • Stretching technique.
  • Specific maneuvers in water.
  • Water features.
  • Wellness Applicability.
  • Therapeutic Applicability.
  • Functional recovery.

16 horas – Ideal
9 horas – Compacto

Sports Massage Techniques


  • Fundamentals of the  Osteo Artro Muscular System.
  • Physical activity and competitive sport.
  • Nutrition and interaction.
  • Techniques in pre competition.
  • Techniques in Post competition.
  • Maintenance.
  • Functional recovery.

30 hours – Ideal
20 hours – Compact
8 hours – Update

Método Reestructuración Tisular


  • Histología cutánea y morfofisiológia
  • Vías de administración
  • Hidratación + Nutrición + Lifting
  • Rostro + Papada + Abdomen + Pierna + Brazo
  • Método Lipomodelador
  • Remodelador + Anticel Tonificación + Realce
  • Interacción con otras técnicas

16 hours – Ideal
9 hours – Compact



  • Anatomorphophysiological Generalities.
  • Fundamentals of Reflexology.
  • Diagnostic Applicability.
  • Therapeutic Applicability.
  • Sports Applicability.
  • Aesthetic Applicability.
  • Wellness & SPA.

8 hours – Ideal
4 hours – Compact

Prenatal and postpartum method


  • Prevention, Chloasma, Overweight, Stretch marks.
  • Cervicocranial technique and relaxation.



  • Manual lymphatic drainage.
  • Venous massage & Stretching massage.
  • Thai Zen Massage.



  • Deep relaxation and Psychosomatics.
  • DLM & Venous massage.
  • Stretching & Thai massage.


Post Partum

  • Tissue Recovery or Comprehensive Aesthetics.


16 hours – Ideal
9 hours – Compact

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